About Hawthorne

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services is an FBO acquisition and operating company managed by Hawthorne Corporation with the financial backing of Moelis Capital Partners ("MCP"). Hawthorne and MCP believe that further consolidation in the fragmented FBO segment of the general aviation services industry creates a compelling value proposition for customers and airport sponsors and offers liquidity to FBO owners seeking an exit.

Hawthorne brings deep management capability with proven experience in scaling general aviation assets and managing through periods of varying economic conditions. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Hawthorne, whose roots go back to its first FBO in 1932, is a world class aviation services company and leader in general aviation services and airport management.

Moelis Capital Partners is a middle market private equity firm founded in 2007 in connection with the formation of Moelis & Company, a global investment bank. MCP manages over $700 million of committed private equity capital and specializes in traditional private equity investments in the middle market. MCP provides significant capital resources and a history of successfully backing proven management teams to build world class organizations.

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