Hawthorne Global Aviation Services Formed


On November 22, 2010 Moelis Capital Partners and Hawthorne Corporation formed Hawthorne Global Aviation Services.  Hawthorne Global Aviation Services is an FBO acquisition and operating company managed by Hawthorne Corporation with the financial backing of  Moelis Capital PartnersHawthorne and Moelis believe that further consolidation in the fragmented FBO segment of the general aviation services industry creates a compelling value proposition for customers and airport sponsors.

Hawthorne is actively seeking FBO acquisition candidates.  With committed capital and deep industry experience in general aviation services transactions (having closed over thirty transactions in the last fifteen years), we can move quickly and discreetly to consummation of a transaction with minimum disruption of day to day operations.

Ideal FBO acquisition candidates will have:

  • Annual general aviation fuel uplift in excess of one million gallons
  • Long term lease rights at its airport operating location
  • Ancillary business segments such as maintenance and charter will be considered but should be anchored by a strong core line service segment
  • Both single operations and multi-location chains will be considered

Hawthorne's experience in FBO acquisitions allows the company to conduct diligence expeditiously and discreetly.  The financial backing of Moelis Capital Partners affords the wherewithal to quickly consummate transactions.

For more information please contact Steven Levesque or any of the other Hawthorne firm professionals.