Charleston Regional Business Journal: They call it 'Super' because you can fly


"Earlier this month, Hawthorne Global Aviation Services, which is HQ’d in North Charleston, told the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in New Orleans that it was providing private jet service in New York for those traveling to the Super Bowl via its fixed-base operator at Long Island MacArthur Airport.
You gotta have tickets to the so-called Big Game, and you have to find a way to get to MacArthur in the first place, but if you can afford that, Hawthorne can pick you up and plunk you down at nearby MetLife Stadium quickly and in twin-engine style.
From MacArthur's fixed-base operator, Hawthorne is offering a 20-minute ride on a helicopter from New York City and Teterboro, N.J., for a cool $5,000. OK, so that’s about $250 per minute, but it is a twin-engine helicopter, and if you have to do the math...
Like others, Hawthorne’s FBOs — essentially general aviation airports — are known for passenger and crew amenities, including office space. So you can work while waiting for the chopper, or you could use the time to call everyone who didn’t travel with you and tell them where you are and what you’re doing. Not that we would do that.
Hawthorne operates FBOs in a number of cities but maintains its corporate offices in Faber Place in North Charleston. The company was founded in 1932 and has been involved in many aspects of the aviation industry throughout the company’s history. Moelis Capital Partners and Hawthorne Corp. formed Hawthorne Global Aviation Services in 2010."
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