Long Island Business News: Maybe they should call him ‘Lucky’


Dusty the dog is one propitious pup.
Most people will never enjoy the luxury of a private charter jet. But Dusty recently had an entire 16-seat Embraer Legacy 600 all to himself, with the pilots and cabin crew waiting on him hand-and-paw during a 2 ½-hour flight from Florida to Long Island MacArthur Airport.
Ronkonkoma-based ExcelAire, a division of Hawthorne Global Services, donated the flight to help rescue the mutt from a Miami kill-shelter. Gimme Shelter of Sagaponack found a home for the doomed doggie, but Dusty needed a lift to Long Island.
“He doesn’t do well in cars, and they felt putting him in the cargo area of a commercial flight would scare the heck out of him,” said Dan Kahn, ExcelAire vice president.
So, after dropping off a passenger in Miami on March 19, the Legacy 600 fueled up and welcomed the death-row dog. Deciding not to sell that return flight to a paying human customer was an easy call, Kahn noted.
“We love animals,” the VP told Confidential. “And that’s one of the great things about our private jets: We allow pets.”

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