AIN: New Orleans Lakefront Airport Weathers Another Storm


"In the wake of last week’s Hurricane Isaac, operations at Lakefront Airport are slowly returning to normal. According to an airport spokesman, the facility was inundated by up to six feet of water attributable to the storm, which raised the level of Lake Ponchartrain by more than five feet, forcing water up through the airport’s drainage lines.

The airport reopened to VFR traffic last Sunday, and by Tuesday evening runway lights and signage were illuminated again. All navigational aids are expected back on line by tomorrow.

The three FBOs on the field suffered significant flooding damage. Hawthorne Global, which recently concluded an extensive renovation project, and the Landmark facility are both operating from temporary trailers while their terminals are emptied, gutted and rebuilt, expected to take up to two months.

Flightlinefirst could be rebuilt sooner as it was already slated to undergo renovation. General manager Brayton Matthews estimates the facility has incurred up to $200,000 in damage and says the business will remain in its building during the renovation. All three FBOs reported their fueling operations were unaffected by the storm."

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