ExcelAire introduces web-based owner summary reports for improved private jet management


ExcelAire has launched a web-based summary reports for private jet owners, designed to more quickly and accurately provide information on costs and income for jets.

“ExcelAire provides unmatched levels of service to aircraft owners, and we saw this opportunity to make owner summaries even better,” said Izabela Basile, controller for ExcelAire. “Unlike other companies that rely heavily on a manual process of gathering data, we have automated our reporting system to create highly accurate and easily readable reports for owners, while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy.”

With ExcelAire’s new web-based summary reports, private jet owners now have access to the information on their jet in an easily readable format, with charts documenting spending as well as income information. For example, ExcelAire’s reports include pie charts to illustrate the level of charter activity for their jets.

Verna Kay, vice president of marketing at ExcelAire, added, “Our new owner summary report is another value-added tool we offer our clients for timely reporting of data in a secure platform. Private jet management is a core part of our business and we are committed to delivering the best service in the business.”