Corridor: Hawthorne Aviation Services Expands CORRIDOR Usage, Upgrades to Enterprise Plus Edition to Support Additional Facility


Continuum Applied Technology, Inc. and Hawthorne Global Aviation Services announced an agreement to expand Hawthorne's CORRIDOR Software usage, as well as upgrade to CORRIDOR's Enterprise Plus Edition in support of Hawthorne's newly acquired FBO.

In January 2012, Hawthorne acquired ExcelAire LLC, a New York-based FBO, Aircraft Charter & Management Company. ExcelAire implemented CORRIDOR Software in 2007 to automate maintenance and line services. Upon recent acquisition of Aeropremier, a New Orleans Lakefront Airport FBO, Hawthorne expanded their CORRIDOR package to automate the new FBO and upgraded it and ExcelAire to CORRIDOR's Enterprise Plus Edition, which provides multi-facility interaction and eases communication among locations.

CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software is an aviation-specific enterprise software application designed to automate all aspects of aviation maintenance and service. Enterprise Plus is the most advanced edition of CORRIDOR. It is designed for multiple-shop, multiple-facility organizations that are highly departmentalized and offer a full array of services.

Continuum Sales Executive Chris Kubinski stated, "Having developed a relationship with ExcelAire and supported their automation, we now look forward to working with Hawthorne to further advance ExcelAire's success. We are also pleased to support Hawthorne's new FBO and their decision to take advantage of CORRIDOR's full enterprise capabilities with our Enterprise Plus Edition."

Steven Levesque, CEO of Hawthorne, noted that one of the benefits of Hawthorne's FBO chain build up was that the company is not burdened by Information Technology issues created by inheriting legacy systems. "Using CORRIDOR as our work order system for our FBO and MRO business units allows us to deliver unmatched service to our customers and provides us with the real time information we need to best manage the business," he said.

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services is an FBO acquisition and operating company managed by Hawthorne Corporation with the financial backing of Moelis Capital Partners ("MCP"). Hawthorne and MCP believe that further consolidation in the fragmented FBO segment of the general aviation services industry creates a compelling value proposition for customers and airport sponsors and offers liquidity to independent FBO owners seeking an exit.

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