Newsday: ExcelAire to Offer New Transfer Service


"ExcelAire, a private charter jet company based in Ronkonkoma, says it is launching a new service to make the experience for clients transferring from a commercial international flights to an ExcelAire jet more pleasant.

The company announced the new service Tuesday during the Middle East Business Aviation conference in Dubai. The conference ends Thursday.

With the new service, ExcelAire personnel will be on hand at airport terminals to direct clients to the private jets and help transfer luggage. The service is to be available at Kennedy and Newark Liberty airports.

About 20 percent of ExcelAire's international customers arrive in the United States on commercial flights and then transfer to a private charter jet, said ExcelAire president David Rimmer. Many of the international travelers using ExcelAire are coming to the United States for medical care or business, Rimmer said."

Du, Lisa. (2012, December 12). ExcelAire to offer new transfer services. Newsday. Retrieved December 20, 2012, from