AIN: ExcelAire Earns Safety Designation


"At NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers annual conference in San Antonio this week, private jet charter and aircraft management provider Excelaire announced that it has once again achieved Wyvern Wingman status. As part of the program, Wyvern conducts annual on-site audits to ensure that a flight provider’s operational and maintenance practices continue to meet or exceed the Wyvern standard, which far exceeds current regulatory requirements.

“We are proud to be among the elite group of private jet operators that are designated as Wyvern recommended,” said David Rimmer, president of the Hawthorne Global Aviation subsidiary. “This designation further validates our commitment to the safety of our planes and passengers.”

Excelaire, based at New York’s Long Island MacArthur Airport, first qualified as a Wingman operator in 1999."

Epstein, Curt. (2013, January 24) ExcelAire earns safety designation. AIN Online. Retrieved January 24, 2013, from