Aviation Research Group Upgrades ExcelAire


Charter-flight operator ExcelAire has climbed from gold to platinum, according to Aviation Research Group/U.S., which has honored the Ronkonkoma firm with its highest operations and maintenance marks.
ExcelAire, a longtime “ARG/US Gold” operator, now joins an elite fraternity of private-jet operators awarded “Platinum” status by Aviation Research Group, an industry-intelligence company that provides safety oversight and risk-management solutions.
ARG/US makes its operations/maintenance designations based on its Charter Evaluation and Qualification program, a “proprietary algorithm” that provides in-depth cross-referencing of charter operations, pilot certifications, historical safety ratings, accident and incident reports and other safety-related factors, according to the ARG/US website.
The analysis results in four possible ratings: DNQ, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum, reserved for private-jet operators that “meet the industry’s highest standards and have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best practices for operations and maintenance,” ExcelAire said in a statement.
“We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and excellence,” ExcelAire President David Rimmer said in the statement. He called the ARG/US Platinum rating “a significant milestone.”
The ARG/US upgrade is the latest safety and/or maintenance honor for the Ronkonkoma provider, which is also an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations-registered operator and has been Wyvern Wingman-approved since 1999.
Wyvern, a subsidiary of air-charter service provider Avinode, is a global leader in aviation safety auditing, and its Wingman standards exceed regulatory requirements for charter-flight operations, according to ExcelAire.
On top of the IS-BAO and Wyvern recognition, the ARG/US Platinum honor gives ExcelAire customers “added assurance,” Rimmer noted.
“We are proud to be recognized for our superior commitment to safety,” he said.
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