Avinode Daily: ExcelAire Receives London City (LCY) Approval for its Fleet of Five Legacy Jets


"ExcelAire today announced that it has received approval to operate its five Embraer Legacy 600s into London City Airport (LCY). ExcelAire, one of the nation’s leading private jet charter and aircraft management companies, operates the largest and most active Legacy 600 charter fleet in the U.S.
London City Airport is located in the heart of the City of London, making it the closest and most convenient airport for easy access to London’s financial district. Flight crews and aircraft require special certification and training to operate at London City Airport, and ExcelAire’s crews and Legacy jets have met these rigorous requirements. Although it is the fifth busiest airport serving the greater London area, London City is the most convenient and efficient for business and leisure travelers visiting London via private jet.
“Flying into London City Airport is one example of how private jet travel can offer passengers more convenient access to their destination,” said David Rimmer, President, ExcelAire. “With our London City approval, ExcelAire offers an option that few U.S. private jet operators can provide and it gives our business clients a competitive advantage.”
ExcelAire is a proud Wyvern Wingman."
(2013, May 22) ExcelAire receives London City (LCY) approval for its fleet of five Legacy jets. Avinode Daily. Retrieved May 31, 2013 from www.avinode.com