25A: The Ultimate in Luxury Passage


There’s nothing that compares with the luxury of traveling by way of private jet, especially in this age of heightened airport security, and longer lines and delays encountered by travelers for just about every commercial flight. And when it comes to private jet travel, there is nothing that compares with ExcelAire. 25A magazine is happy to offer some information from David Rimmer at ExcelAire to pique your interest in this unparalleled form of travel. 
What are the advantages of traveling via private jet? 
Convenience, productivity, comfort, service and reliability, to name a few. Private jets do what the scheduled airplanes simply cannot – fly business and leisure travelers on their own schedule to multiple destinations at convenient airports, without the hassles of flight delays, long security lines, misplaced bags and poor service. Business travelers can use the jet as an extension of their office, turning travel time into productive business time. And for leisure travelers, vacations start the minute they arrive at the airport, with personalized catering, in-flight entertainment and luxurious state-of-the-art airplanes. And everyone is treated as a valued guest. 
What is the most cost-effective way to travel by private jet? 
Without a doubt, charter is the least expensive way to travel via private jet because you pay as you fly. Unlike fractional ownership or jet cards that require customers to tie up massive amounts of cash, charter is pay-as-you-go. Also, private jet charter gives you the flexibility to use the right jet for each trip based on the length of your trip, number of seats needed, etc., rather than being tied into a specific aircraft. 
What should one look for when selecting a private jet provider? 
The most important consideration is safety; all private jet operators are not created equal. And you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone. Ideally, you should visit the private jet operator you are considering flying with, meet their key personnel and gain a level of comfort based on what you see and hear. You should ask for the operator’s third-party safety audit ratings (Wyvern and ARG/US), question how long the company has been in business, the longevity of the pilots with the company and their experience flying the aircraft you are chartering. Also, ask if the operator performs its own maintenance or farms it out to outside vendors. 
Can you tell me a little bit about ExcelAire? 
ExcelAire is one of the nation’s leading private jet charter firms, specializing in worldwide jet charters, aircraft management, maintenance and sales. It has a fleet of more than 20 jets, including the largest fleet of Legacy jets dedicated to charter in the U.S. The company maintains almost 200,000 square feet of office and hangar space at Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP), conveniently located for easy access to New York City and the Hamptons. 
What makes ExcelAire the provider of choice for private jet travel? 
Our commitment to safety and service is second to none. We have the most experience of any private jet operator in the area. We began life as an aircraft maintenance provider in 1985 and our whole culture is based on providing our clients with exceedingly well-maintained aircraft. Our jets are flown by the bestqualified pilots in the business and supported by 150 aviation professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that every trip exceeds even the highest expectations. That is the reason we have become the private jet operator of choice for heads of state, royalty, high net-worth individuals and leading figures from the entertainment world.
How can I get started traveling via private jet?
Email me anytime day or night at DavidR@excelaire.com or call 631.737.5801 and I’d be glad to help you charter a private jet for your next trip. I’d be happy to provide quotes or answer any questions you may have about traveling via private jet.  
The Ultimate in Luxury Passage. 25A: Long Island's Gold Coast Luxury Magazine. June 2013.