Atlanta, GA. (December 3, 2018) —Hawthorne Global Aviation Services has announced the FBO has started taking priority parking reservations for Super Bowl LIII at its Atlanta Cobb County International Airport (KRYY) location.

“Super Bowl week will draw a large number of business and private aircraft to Atlanta Cobb County International Airport,” stated Hawthorne Global Aviation Services President and CEO Bryon Burbage. “This will give us the opportunity to do what we do best; provide outstanding service. Hawthorne has been planning for a year for the big event to ensure a truly memorable experience for the thousands of VIP passengers and crew members who will pass through our facility.”

“Because it is such a huge event for our customers and our staff, we have started taking reservations for parking and transportation services,” stated David Kucko, General Manager, Hawthorne Global Aviation Services. “One of the biggest benefits of making your reservations early, especially if you are operating a larger aircraft, will be allocating parking locations based on when the reservation was made. Therefore, the sooner you reserve your space, the more accessible your aircraft will be.”

Kucko said that anyone wanting to make early reservations at Hawthorne Global Aviation Services’ Atlanta Cobb County International Airport (KRYY) location should call 770-422-4300, or email kryy@hawthorne.aero.

Among the array of special services that Hawthorne Global Aviation Services (KRYY) will be offering during the week of Super Bowl LIII are:

• Monitored and secure parking for up to 250 Super-Mid to Heavy business jets

• Heated hangar space available (reservation required)

• Over 40 experienced line service technicians and 15 customer service representatives

• On-site passenger and crew catering by Elevations Chophouse

• On-site representatives for major rental car providers along with other ground transportation options

• On-site, full-time police security

• On-site, full-time Customs and Border Protection Officer to expedite international travel

• Crew events on Saturday and Sunday catered by Elevations Chophouse

• Full Deice capability (both Type I & IV) with two airline rated deice trucks, should winter weather ops become necessary

• And more

“Being located just 25-miles from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and with the longest dedicated general aviation runway in the metro-Atlanta area, Cobb County International Airport is the ideal destination for crews operating super-midsize and larger corporate and VIP aircraft,” Kucko said. “No matter which team they are supporting, our goal is to make everyone who passes through our facility during game week feel like the game’s MVP – Most Valuable Passenger.”

About Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services is a premier provider of general aviation services, with a rich history in the industry dating back to 1932. Hawthorne operates six premier Fixed Based Operators (FBOs), including Long Island MacArthur Airport in Islip, NY (KISP), Cobb County International Airport in Atlanta, GA (KRYY), Chicago Executive Airport in Chicago, IL (KPWK), Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire, WI (KEAU), Tuscaloosa Regional Airport in Tuscaloosa, AL (KTCL) and Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, IA (KSUX). Its Long Island MacArthur Airport location in Islip, NY (KISP) offers private jet charter, maintenance, and avionics installations; the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire, WI (KEAU) FBO offers private jet charter and maintenance; and the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport FBO in Tuscaloosa, AL (KTCL) offers private jet maintenance. For more information on Hawthorne Global Aviation Services, please visit www.hawthorne.aero.

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